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My (Almost) One Line Bio

Greetings. My name is Jenny Goellnitz, and I am an avid runner, attorney, and Civil War enthusiast living near Cleveland, Ohio.

I want to know more!

OK. I am a student of the Civil War who runs avidly and practices law. I'm also a cancer survivor.

I guess education is a good place as any to start. I graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College with a B.A. in 2002. My majors were history and philosophy, and I minored in political science and literature. It was while a student at B-W that I developed my Civil War websites, including my very large site about General A.P. Hill. There are links to my Civil War websites in the right hand column if you are interested.

After graduating from B-W, I attended Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. I was a managing editor for the Cleveland State Law Review. A few of my scholarly legal documents (including my student note) are also over in the column to the right.

Before I had much of a chance to practice law (I passed the July 2005 Ohio bar exam), I was stricken with cancer. I had stage III-A Classical Hodgkin's Disease. I endured eight months of chemotherapy to successfully gain a remission.

My other passion in life -- other than Civil War history -- is running. I have been running for about fifteen years. I am not especially fast, but I like logging long distances and running trails. In fact, if you're ever looking for me, you will likely find me about ten miles from my car on a trail out in the middle of nowhere. I write a web column for Running Times Magazine entitled "Running Battles" -- you can check it out on the Running Times website.

My other hobbies include photography, baseball, and music (I play the saxophone).

If you're interested in what I'm "up to" at the present, please feel free to browse my blog, Draw the Sword. Thank you for visiting my website.

Contact Info

You can send me email at jgoellnitz [@] gmail.com.